Wudtone 1018 Cold Steel Tone Block

Wudtone 1018 Cold Steel Tone Block

Wudtone 1018 Cold Steel Tone Block is now available in our online shop here.

This cold steel block will help to maximise the sustain of your guitar. Like all Wudtone hardware it is made of the best material available. Manufactured in the UK from B.D.M.S bright (cold finish) drawn mild steel (also known as pure 1018 cold rolled steel) . This is the same material used in the original pre-cbs strats and also the highly regarded Callaham product. Includes Nylon bush to eliminate slack when using the tremolo.

This tone block when combined with our Constant Pivot (c75 H&T spring steel)  Tremolo Bridge plate, offers the best combination , to maximise clarity, sustain, resonance and pure vintage tone, money can buy!

“Fantastic trem block, will buy a second one to replace a 7ender it is so good”

“Great quality tremolo block; Thank you!”

If you are not absolutely delighted, just return for a full refund.

To check compatibility pls see below exact dimensions for Vintage and MIM spacing ( Hybrid plates also use the MIM spaced block) .

Available with high quality, 5 mm stainless steel trem arm and choice of tip  in our online shop here.


block2There is nothing worse than a load of old trem arm slack. This means you have little precise control for neat effects such as chord shimmers. The other problem some guitarists experience is arm breakages when threads are placed at the top of a block. This causes a weak point where there is most stress on the trem arm. Any risk of the trem arm pulling out by accident during some moment of extreme whammy ectasy is also a complete no no.

To solve all these problems, Wudtone employs both a nylon bush and threads in the construction of our 1018 cold steel blocks, to deliver a best of both worlds approach.

A nylon bush is inserted into the top of the block, precise engineered to support a 5mm stainless steel trem arm which eliminates any slack. We use improved 5mm diameter stainless steel for strength and some malleability and have never had a single arm break reported.  The threads below the bush, fix the height and also prevent any accidental pull out with any amount of some extreme whammy action. You can adjust the arm swing tension with more or less turns into the threads.




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