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We are a specialist manufacturer of guitar hardware, finishing products based in Wales, UK. We supply direct to DIY guitar builders, professional luthiers and B2B across the globe.


We also offer Custom Shop Services as well as unique HANDS ON! Luthier Performance Clinics at our base in Monmouthshire.

Our aim is simply to delight customers one after another.



It’s not often that a product comes along that reinvents the wheel and does it perfectly” Crispin Weir, Fender Custom Shop dealer, Regent Sounds, London.


In 2011 we began marketing innovative, tone friendly finishing products. Since that time they have helped thousands of enthusiasts create beautifully finished, resonant guitars.  In Feb 2013, Wudtone released the CP (constant pivot) trem technology. Since that time it has become regarded as a significant development in the history of the electric guitar tremolo.


The CP (constant pivot ) trem invention.

1st gen plates,( as per the original Leo Fender patent)  with a flat top surface only pivot by loosening the fixings (this allows the plate to slide up and down the fixings). This type of plate provides a desirable tone but causes tuning to be unstable. 2nd gen plates ( e.g. Fender 2 post, PRS grooved screw, and Ernie Ball Luke) use indentations in the fixings ( 2 or 6)  so ‘float’ above the guitar body. Stable but the tone generated by guitars using these bridge plates is considered to be inferior to the vintage plates.


The Wudtone CP technology (Patent GB1314545.3) overcomes the problems of the two types of plate described above. It provides stable operation and a desirable tone through the use of: recesses formed around the fixings on the top side of the bridge plate; an arc on the underside of the bridge plate to ensure constant contact with the guitar body.


It has been chosen by and delighted hundreds of tone chasing guitar enthusiasts. We offer complete tremolo assemblies and upgrade products for Fender S-type guitars and PRS guitars.

For further information on how the Wudtone CP technologies work, testimonials and the benefits they deliver – click here.


Specialist Custom Guitar Finishing – DIY kits

Our finishing process and products are safe, accessible and suitable for amateur and professional guitar builders. They have offered thousands of self builders a modern, proven method of finishing to maximise the resonance, feel and tone of a guitar. If you want these benefits for your guitar project, read the overview on the kits and how to use them to see if they are right for you. We have a list of worldwide distributors here,  supplying Wudtone Custom Guitar Finishes outside the UK. If you run a business involved in the retail of guitar based products and would like to compliment your product range with our finishes, please get in touch with Andy Preston via mail@wudtone.com.


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