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“Ah what I can say.. it’s an awesome way to finish guitars!”
“It sounds ace, your Wudtone kit is just superb.”
“I love how the Wudtone products work and smell, and how easy they are to apply, with great results. I’ll be back for more!”
“This is the seventh guitar that I have built and finished and I have to say that I will be using Wudtone finishes for the next. And the next, and the next . . . Why? Because this has been the absolute easiest finish product I have ever used. I have tried the dyes, the nitro, the Tru Oil, and the polys. In my opinion, none of them can match the ease of application and end result. I was, quite frankly, amazed at how little work it took to achieve a very good result. Your clear finish self-leveled and needed only a quick touch up with steel wool to give a very nice satin finish.”


We welcome all feedback. It is essential to help us improve products, services and develop new ones. Marketing of the finishing kits only began in Jan 2011, but we are delighted to begin to hear/see experiences and results. Please enjoy gallery of customer’s finished guitars. Our hope is that we can keep adding to this and so if you are willing, we would be most grateful to receive pics of your finished guitar!


“The results are rewarding…the whole experience from preparing the body, the smell as you apply the base coats to the glossing and final assembly…. you’ve really contributed something to the guitar’s final appearance and obviously the sound and feel of the guitar.”
“that looks un-fucken-believable.  My jaw has officially dropped, I’m completely speechless” Jon
“its a work of art” Rhys
“Dead impressed with your product! We did a 52 Tele replica in Amber on swamp ash and it looks fantastic.”
“Fantastic product. easy to use and great finish” “Does just what it says” “Amazing how far this stuff goes.”
“I’m delighted how easy it is to apply. Also how smooth its leaving the wood to the touch”

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