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Wudtone UTFL – Under Tension Fret Leveller



Levelling frets under string tension is the only way to be 100% confident you are going to get the job done effectively and as accurately as possible for best playability.

If you are not sure why having the neck under string tension is important for this critical task, look up Leonhard Euler. He knew that materials under tension curve differently. This is why necks often have an s curve under tension and also a bit of a hump around the 14th – 18th frets. Using this tool you will be able to simply jig the guitar under real string tension and so compensate for these variations and level the frets accurately every time.

The Wudtone UTFL comes with :

  • Precision Ground/Lapped Aluminium levelling beam 500mm x 32mm x 19mm and with 3mm thickness flanges that will not flex
  • Maple wedge to slide in front of nut to lift strings before tuning
  • Precision Steel gauge blocks
  • High quality, self adhesive, 400 grit, non clogging, Aluminium Oxide sanding paper fitted to levelling beam
  • 1 x replacement Aluminium Oxide sanding paper
  • Packed and posted in heavy duty cardboard tube for storage

We cover and practice the use of this tool during the Wudtone Luthier Performance Clinics.

The steps are :

  • Tune up to pitch with the strings raised at the nut (this can be done using a nut that hasn’t yet had its slots cut or by placing a spacer. e.g. a pencil under the strings in front of the nut)
  • Clamp the guitar whilst using the precision steel gauge blocks, non paper covered flange of the levelling beam until the neck is straight.
  • Slide the abrasive paper covered flange under the each string, moving across the fretboard and sand with a slight diagonal motion until all frets are level. ( It helps to apply some permanent  ink marker to the frets so you can see exactly when you made contact, how much you have levelled every fret).

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