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Wudtone PRS DD Tremolo Upgrade.



Full details, PRS guitarist review here


  • Wudtone PRS DD plate, .5mm shim, bearing screws
  • Wudtone 1018 Cold steel block with nylon bush
  • Wudtone 5mm stainless trem arm (choice of lengths, tips)
  • 10.8mm Steel Nickel Saddles ( provides Modern 54mm string spacing)
  • Choice of all nickel, all gold or just saddles/arm in gold plate options


“I have been a firm believer that PRS ‘got it right’ when it comes to hardware on each transition of models as they evolve, and have left my guitars stock as a rule honestly feeling they are the best they could be ‘as is’.  I have never had any interest in ‘bettering’ the components in any way, until now …

I became aware of Wudtone via a few conversations with Andy Preston .. Although I was a little sceptical at first, he popped over my house for a chat, and the concept looked & sounded very interesting. 15 minutes later he had whipped one of his tremolo units out of a Custom 22 he had brought along & installed it in my ugly plain topped but tried & tested ’95 CE22 which has been a bit of a benchmark sound wise for me for many years …
… when we plugged it in, the difference in tone was well, quite simply remarkable … more grunt, guts, definition,  acoustic volume and attack that it had before, and it already sounded really good before the swap … I was intrigued & excited with the result.

Andy kindly offered to lend me the tremolo unit to gig with for a while as a ‘test pilot’, and I am happy to report that this clever piece of engineering has given my CE22 a new lease of life! So much more ‘sound’ is generated by the new bridge that I have found I need to turn down the gain a bit on my amp!  My usually non-complimentary band mates (only joking guys!) commented ‘what’s different with that guitar? It sounds HUGE!’ … notes seemed to jump out the harder I ‘dig in’, sustain has increased dramatically with more ‘body’ to individually picked notes especially half way up the neck (between frets 5 and 15 where most of my solo’s seems to occur!) than I ever had before, all good news to be honest, I am flabbergasted at the results!”  

STEVE MAYO guitarist, Pipedream South Wales

“loving the new bridge…you’ve managed to turn my PRS into an absolute shred machine” Alex Penfold, PRS CU24

“my guitar positively came alive with improved sustain..the tone seemed thicker and fuller..retaining the sparkly highs ” Tommy Platt,  PRS player

“I love the tremolo, very easy to use and it stays in tune…I can have some sounds very near a Les Paul 1959 reissue on my Deluxe Reverb II” Marc France CU22
“it remained as in tune as I’d expect a Floyd Rose to” Tim Morgan
Fitting instructions can be downloaded here.
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Additional Information

Right handed, Left handed

PRS DD plating

bridge plate GOLD, trem arm GOLD, bridge plate NICKEL, trem arm GOLD, bridge plate NICKEL, trem arm STAINLESS STEEL

PRS DD Saddles

do not include saddles, include Ergo Stainless Steel saddles, include Highwood Steel, NICKEL, include Wudtone Steel, GOLD

PRS DD Trem Arm

custom length ( please specify with order), standard PRS length

PRS DD Trem Arm Tip

Black, Cream, no plastic tip, polished end, White

PRS DD Block Material

1018 Cold Steel, Bell Brass

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