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Vintage Reload Fender Stratocaster – 2001 Lake Placid Blue.



This Stratocaster is based on a body and neck made in the Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico in 2000 – 2001, Production Number: 0203173.

The alder, Lake Placid Blue body, Rosewood board maple neck are both excellent examples of this classic 60s combination.

Neck shape – Vintage C

Fret Wire – Vintage

Condition – please see pictures

The guitar has been through Wudtone’s, Vintage Reload programme which has changed all of the critical, non wood materials and key contact points ( not including tuners). It is these materials and the contact between them which determine the dynamic efficiency, sustain, tone character and also tuning stability of the guitar.  This Stratocaster has vintage equivalent metal components, strongest possible neck joint, real bone nut. It is able to deliver the best, authentic Strat tones, performance, playability, bang for your buck.

The eleven stages of Wudtones’ Vintage Reload programme are outlined below :

1. Frets levelled whilst under tension
2. Fret polish after levelling
3. Fretboard re-oiling as required
4. Wudtone CP Vintage 50s – shim recess (finish removed)
5. Wudtone CP Vintage 50s trem (relic version)  fitted
6. Neck pocket holes re-drilled to suit Wudtone screws
7. Neck heel cleaned and correct pilot holes drilled
8. Neck fitted, Wudtone power plate (alignment check)
9. New strings fitted
10. Real bone nut fitted, final hand cut and shaping
11. Guitar relief, intonation, action, playability test

Click Here for further detail of this programme with galleries and tones from Wudtone Vintage Reload example guitar .

Click here to see video with example guitar tones.

Benefits of the Vintage Reload Programme :

Each guitar is transformed with:

  •   Enhanced dynamic and sustain due to
    • improved neck /body joint
    • Wudtone’s “whacker plate shim” recessed for best body connection
    • Genuine, real bone, hand cut nut
  •   Stiffer neck to body joint and with more compression
  • Easy set up, great playability and feel due to
    • design of CP Vintage Bridge and accurate levelling of frets under string tension
  •   Improved tuning stability due to
    • Wudtone CP Vintage tremolo design, with top plate recesses
  • Minimised String breaks due to
    • curved plate exit string guides
  •   Sensitive (no slack) trem operation due to
    • 5mm stainless trem arm with nylon bush fitted in the block.
  •   Classic Strat tones due to equivalent pre-cbs materials:
    • 1018 cold steel block
    • CP Vintage 50s bridge plate
    • Steel Nickel bridge saddles
    • Real Bone nut

Guitar comes with a serial numbered “Wudtone Vintage Reload” certificate as proof of the work that has been carried out.

Options for Fender gig bag or Hiscox liteflight case available.

If the guitar is showing “out of stock” it will have been sold. If you would like a similar colour, vintage reloaded Stratocaster,  just get in touch via and we will do our best to source one. 

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Fender Gigbag, Hiscox Liteflight Case, none required

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