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06 Apr Wudtone Tremolos, History, Design detail

In 2013 Wudtone produced their unique CP ( Constant Pivot) tremolo design. Since release it has been chosen by and delighted hundreds of guitar players all over the world. The Wudtone tremolo is regarded as the best tremolo system available for maximised dynamic, sustain, vintage tone...

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14 Oct Wudtone 1018 Cold Steel Tone Block

Wudtone 1018 Cold Steel Tone Block is now available in our online shop here. This cold steel block will help to maximise the sustain of your guitar. Like all Wudtone hardware it is made of the best material available. Manufactured in the UK from B.D.M.S bright (cold finish) drawn mild steel (also known as pure...

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14 Oct Wudtone Neck Plate and Screws

Wudtone Neck Plate, Screws available with optional : satin, high lustre finish, gold plate, microtilt access in our online shop here. A strong joint with compression between the body and neck of the guitar matters for tone and confidence. Somewhere in the switchover from imperial to metric ( probably...

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